Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Massachusetts-based Corporation, Witricity, has developed a system that charges gadgets wirelessly from up to eight feet away - and could be in phones and tablets this year.

The 'WiTricity' system works similarly to the chargers for electric toothbrushes, but over a distances of up to eight feet, using 'repeater pads' that send power through the home. The makers hope the technology could lead to vacuum cleaners that need no cable and electric cars which you simply park on top of a charger. The technology, which will start appearing in gadgets from later this year, could also be used for tablets and small games consoles.

The company behind it hopes that gadget companies will make special batteries with receiver coils to work with the system - or gadgets such as vacuum cleaners built to work wirelessly. And in the future the researchers believe they may be able to charge electronic cars and even heart pumps via a similar connection.