Monday, March 12, 2012

Monkshood (A deadly plant)

The poison in Monkshood is called Aconitine and it contain an Alkaloid toxin, the deadliest and most alarming poisonous substances known to man and its poisoned symptoms are burning sensations inside the mouth, dizziness, headaches and may be vomiting. In case larger quantities of the poison are ingested then breathing will become difficult and paralysis for shortly and may also result in blood circuit failure, the victim writhes in agony. His spasms however rapidly decrease and may result in unconsciousness lead to imminent death. If its poison is affected to a man and toxin absorption is half an hour, it may result in ingesting to death, a slow and painful death similar to strychnine poisoning. However, most instances of contact from this plant are just to touch the petals and this will result in irritation, slight dizziness and a little nausea, death only happens if the plant is eaten.