Thursday, March 15, 2012

Now..., The world’s smallest lappy --- The iKIT!

Coming in at a measly squint-and-you’d-miss-it 15×66 x 94mm the iKIT weighs a bowl-of-sugar-bothering 115g. It’s so small it’d probably get lost in your pockets.
It still manages to find room for a 2.8-inch screen and packs a full QWERTY keyboard. With little space for a hard drive, memory’s taken care of via SD card allowing up to 8GB of storage space.

The iKIT doesn’t skimp on web browsing either. It’s got Wi-Fi tucked in and the Opera web browser for flea-sized Facebooking. Bluetooth is there too along with a three-hour battery life and 250 standby hours (pointless, but true).