Saturday, March 10, 2012

One of the Largest Open Pit Diamond Mine in the World
Nothing marks the presence of humans better than a massive hole in the ground (clear-cutting came a close second). Boring deep into the Earth for the love of riches and resources, we humans dig deep and often. In the town of Mirny in Eastern Siberia, lies thelargest open pit diamond mine in the world. It’s also the second largest excavated hole in the world, second only to the Bingham Canyon Mine in Salt Lake City, Utah. Check out the incredibleimages below with facts littered throughout.Mir Mine, also called Mirny Mine, is the second largest excavated hole in the world. It is 525 meters (1,722 ft) deep and 1,200 meters (3,900 ft) wide. The hole is so big that even the airspace above the mine was closed to helicopters as there were several incidents of them being sucked in by the downward air flow