Sunday, March 11, 2012

using your non-dominant hand to stir your coffee helps train your self-control, a new study suggests.
People who find themselves on the verge of yelling at queue-jumpers or crafty colleagues could be helped by a simple - if slightly odd - exercise. Right handers should get into the habit of using a computer mouse, stirring a cup of coffee or opening a door with their left hand - and left-handers should do the opposite. 
'Training' yourself to use the 'wrong' hand seems to act as practice for other kinds of self control, such as being polite. Just two weeks of the exercises reduce the tendency to act on impulse.
Dr Thomas Denson, of the University of New South Wales, said practising self control is no different from getting better at golf or playing the piano.
In studies he showed people who try to use their non-dominant hand for two weeks keep a lid on their aggression better. So if they are right handed, they are told to use their left hand ‘for pretty much anything that is safe to do,’ he said.
Study by Dr Thomas Denson, of the University of New South Wales
published in the journal 'Current Directions in Psychological Science'
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