Sunday, April 8, 2012


.1. Gold is not only the most malleable , but the most ductile metal that we have discovered. . 2. Chemically, gold also happens to be the least reactive , aside from noble gases. . 
3. Gold has been seen as extremely valuable since ancient, unrecorded times . We have proof of this in the jewelry, coinageand additional arts and decoratives that have been found in archaeological digs. 
. 4. Gold tends to withstand, likely because it is resistant to individuals acid attacks . 
. 5. Gold is used in many industries . It is commonly used in electronics, jewelry, dentistry, the production of colored glass and even to detail fine china. 
. 6. Due to it being a naturally occurring metal, it is considered to be fairly rare . In fact, it is most frequently found during abundant mining of other metals like copper. 
. 7. Gold is able to easily create alloys with countless other metals. 
. 8. Aside from gold being a wonderful conductor of electricity and heat, it will also strongly reflect infrared radiation . 
. 9. Unlike many other metals, gold will not be affected by moisture, air or the majority of corrosive agents. This is why it is commonly used in jewelry, as a coating for metals that are more reactive and for coinage. 
. 10 . Gold has been use dworldwide monetarily – and still is – whether by coinage, standards or convertible shares.