Tuesday, April 17, 2012

>Marine Solar Cells Invented<

A new type of solar cells that works in water, invented by a British Industrial designer Phil Pauley. The design of the cellsare some what similar to floating mines you see. Its a mesh which actually produces energy from water and sun in thesame time. The idea of the creation could be very useful in the marine areas where there is a lot of turbulence.
The reflective surface of the water adds upthe efficiency of solar component of cells up to 20%. These Marine cells work on a combination of photo-voltaic and natural buoyancy displacement principles. The cellsare connected in with some support at the bottom and are interlinked with each other.
Amazingly this technology could be cheap and environmental friendly as these cells are made from recyclable material. As by now this is a existing concept, the production of such cells hasn’t yet started. But soon in near future we will see this type of technology coming to our shores.