Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Comp tat can roll....!!!!wow...!!

The D-roll Laptop is designed like an artists tube, which contains a roll up OLED screen and a cool slide out keyboard, it also has a mouse and a web camera which are used as the end caps for the case.
D-Roll, which stands for “digital roll,” is a concept from designer Hao Hua. It features one long cylindrical base from which the screen unfurls in one direction and the keyboard in another. When rolled, you can use the attached straps to carry around the D-Roll in classic purse fashion or put it in a cylindrical case.
This could be pure science fiction but the idea behind the D-Roll concept isn’t too far from being possible. Sony has already shown off rollable LED screens which are expensive today but should come down inprice once they start to become more standard.
We also have SOC (System on a Chip) computers, which are tiny computer boards that manage all the necessary aspects of a computer (like processing, graphics, internet and memory) on silicon which enables smallercases and odd sizes.