Friday, May 18, 2012

Facts about dark Chocolate!!

~ Chocoloate which have high cocoa content is a great anti
oxidant !! That means it can help you fight against diseases,
Prevents much aging signs etc

~ Helps blood Circulation and prevents Heart problems

~ You might have heard that caffeine is very bad for your
health. But one bar of chocolate contains 25 mg of caffeine and
studies have shown a little amount , (less than 200 mg per
day) of caffeine is good for you !! :)

~ And wondering about sugar ?
well a strong chocolate bar will
also have 10 to 15 grams of sugar , but in fruit juices which
are considered good for you have
high sugar content compared to this.

~ Increases stamina and memory
power !!
The main thing that makes ordinary chocolate bad is the milk content and the very very high
sugar content. So next time you
feel guilty for taking chocolates ,
just reach out for the Dark Chocolate bars even for
dessert !! :)
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