Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Brainless and Faceless Fish was discovered (Read more...!)

In 2011 a prehistoric fish with no brain or face was discovered off the coast of Scotland. The amphioxus fish represents the first animals that evolved a backbone. Marine surveyors found the fish in the waters off Tankerness in Orkney.

Instead of having a brain or a face, the fish has a nerve cord running down its back. That is it. The species was found in a series of 15 marine surveys in 2011 that covered about 5,200 square kilometers. Scientists found dozens of other strange species in the waters. 

Giant mussels with shells measuring 18 inches were also discovered. Scotland is surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea, the North Channel, and the Irish Sea. The country is abounding in biodiversity in its waters. 

In a time where the whole world is mapped out, it is amazing to still be discovering new forms of life. The ocean and seas continue to reveal incredible species that allow us to understand them more and more.