Friday, June 15, 2012

A Girl sees everything as if she were looking through a Kaleidoscope

Danielle Burton sees everything as if she were constantly looking through a kaleidoscope! It's because of a rare disorder called Persistent Migraine Aura. This disorder causes everything she sees to be immensely distorted by multiple different colors and shapes. There are only twenty other people in the world who are known to suffer from this disorder, and until recently doctors were stumped by its occurrence. 

Danielle saw perfectly fine until she turned nineteen, then everything changed. When tested, doctors said her eyes were normal and she should be able to see, yet on further inspection they realized something was wrong. Doctors have since deduced that a nerve in Danielle's brain was stuck in a state that caused her to have constant migraines, thus distorting her vision. Since Danielle lost her vision six months ago, she has only regained it for an hour before colors began to merge again.