Friday, June 15, 2012

Squids can fly

Squids can fly And no, they don't just jump out of water like dolphins do. Squids actually take in water and expell it, using it for propulsion that makes them up to 5 times faster on air than on water!

Scientists think that squids use this technique to fly away from predators, and to speed up their migration patterns. Squids can fly for lengths of over 164 feet at a time. The way they do it is by taking water in their mantle and expelling it a high speeds and then contorting themselves into a rocket shape.

Another interesting thing is that squids are more likely to do this at night. A researcher found this because he noticed that when he left his tank of squids in the dark over night, one or two might jump out and die. However, when the light was on (even just dimmed!) they wouldn't do it. Scientists think that it's because squids would be more vulnerable to birds and other out-of-sea predators during the day.