Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Steve Jobs never used license plates for his cars

Steve Jobs was always known for his signature image of a black turtleneck, sneakers, and blue denim pants. What fewer people relate with him, though, is the silver Mercedes SL55 AMG he always drove, and the fact that it never had a license plate. 

Jobs had driven the same car for years, but never had a license plate on it. He was also never fined by the police for it. So how did he get away with it? It's all because of a loophole in the California vehicle laws. 

Anyone in California has a maximum of six months after the issuing of a plate number to put a license plate on a new car. All Jobs did was change cars every six months to an identical, new model, so that he could keep the plates off. 

Of course, doing this for most of us would be senseless hassle, as well as potentially very expensive. The gimmick would also probably run its course soon, and in the event the vehicle was stolen, identification would be much more difficult.