Saturday, July 14, 2012


Name given to a famous 'secret' military base located in the United States over 80 miles to the north of Las Vegas Officially the existence of an 'Area 51' has been generally denied.
It is believed that the base has been used as a facility for developing and testing new experimental aircraft and aviation technologies and is famously connected to the UFO phenomenon through conspiracy theories suggesting that the United States is testing either captured alien spacecraft or new vehicles based on alien technology. The area around Area 51 including the small town of Rachel on the aptly named 'Extraterrestrial Highway' is a popular tourist destination and is steeped in UFO culture. 

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More in-depth knowledge of operations there have come through one man, Bob Lazar, a scientist who was employed by a company called EG & G, who said they were working on a propulsion project at their testing centre near Area 51, on a base called S4. In later conversations Lazar revealed that he and other scientists were employed to pull an alien aircraft apart and see if they could manufacture it using manmade components. As part of their work, the scientists were informed about the role of aliens in the history of the Earth, and on one occasion Lazar even claims to have briefly seen at first-hand, a real, live alien at S4.

In the evening of 22nd March 1989 he and a friend went out to the Groom Lake road and watched a flying disc test flight. The following week Lazar, his friend and three others visited the same area. They saw a disc flight, which Huff described as ‘the thrill of a lifetime’. The disc they witnessed glowed extremely brightly, and flew so close that they felt they had to move backwards. The following week, on the way back home from another UFO-spotting trip, the group were seen and stopped by base security patrolling the outlying area. The next day Lazar was sacked from EG & G’s employment. He has subsequently revealed that nine discs are said to be held at S4. Some of the unsettling things that go on at the base are more real than others. The road to its entrance is known as ‘The Widow’s Highway’ because of the high numbers of workers at the base who die through contact with fatally poisonous materials. Many experts suggest the area is a secret dumping ground for toxic substances, rather than a UFO base. In either case, the workers are sworn to secrecy, and cannot reveal details about what they have been handling to their doctors. This has led to their wives launching court proceedings against the US government, who have traditionally refuted the allegations on the grounds that Area 51 does not officially exist. However, a statement made in January 2001 by President George Bush did refer to the ‘operating location near Groom Lake’, which is the first official recognition of Area 51. But Bush also said that the site was exempt from environmental disclosure requirements, so the widows are still fighting their case.

Area 51 has been featured in numerous films, books and television shows for many years including blockbuster movies like Independence Day and shows such as the X-Files. It has become a symbol of government coverups and alien conspiracies in popular culture. 

Starting with 1947, 40 million instances have been registered when people saw UFO. In other cases, witnesses said they saw UFOs crash. About 1,000 people believe that they were kidnapped by aliens. However, there is still no material evidence of contacts with extraterrestrials. To tell the truth, even the very fact that an aviation base exists in Nevada was dubious until now. Earlier, government officials assured the public that there was only a stony desert in the mentioned area of Nevada and nothing more.By chance, recently, six black-and-white photos taken by a Russian spy satellite in the sky over Nevada were published on the Internet. The photos revealed the legendary aviation base known as the Area 51.