Thursday, July 19, 2012

Most Intelligent Peoples ever lived..!

There's no Academy Award for Brains, but if there were, this Top 5 List would be the red carpet. So here we are, giving you exclusive access on the world's most prodigious men and women.

Charles Darwin

Charles darwin was an intelligent man with his ideas of evolution and animals on how they adapt to their surroundings such as when a bird is on a and island their later generations will change according to food supply and food to collect by changing their beak structure.He had laid down strong foundation for many of us to better understand science in species, tectonic plate movement, evolution of animals and plants, etc. We would not know what we know now without his sacrify and devotion to his research.

No. 4 - Stephen Hawking

Although Stephen Hawking is probably most renowned, and known best in pop culture for his distinctive "voice," it is his unrivaled success in science, and his unparalleled discoveries, that has earned him the most renowned scientist of now. Of all his works, perhaps his best known is A Brief History of Time—an attempt to explain "simple" cosmology to the somewhat less-informed reader. OK, Stephen.The guy knows so much about physics and gravity. Something which sciences knowledge and understanding is currently lacking futhermore.

No. 3 - Marie Curie

We definitely need to address the fact that Miss Curie is the only—yes, only!—person to win a Nobel Prize in two separate scientific fields ... making winning ONLY one Nobel Prize a TOTAL snooze-fest these days. 
She's more than just a pair of Nobel Prizes, though. Marie Curie developed knowledge on radioactivity that hadn't existed yet; she isolated radium and discovered polonium ("Big Up" to her homeland!); she had degrees in math, chemistry AND physics; and frankly, she brought it all home and fried it up in a pan. It's safe to say Marie Curie was the original Wonder Woman.
So now we have a new answer to the age-old question "How many Polish people does it take to screw in a light bulb?" Answer: Just one. As long as it's Marie Curie.

No. 2 - Albert Einstein

It has long been said that Einstein was not exactly the brightest kid when he was growing up; still, we don't know many 12-year-olds that willingly delve into the world of Euclidean geometry and infinitesimal calculus. Sometimes it's fun to wonder if or how his parents bragged about him to their friends at cocktail parties. Of all his life's works, perhaps he is best remembered for his revolutionary "E=mc²" equation—but does anyone actually know what it means? Nah, you'd have to be a prodigy to figure THAT out.

No. 1 - Leonardo da Vinci

Maybe curiosity killed the cat, but for Leonardo da Vinci, curiosity didn't kill nothin'! It has often been said that Leo's insatiable curiosity was matched only by his resulting inventions. He's also known as one of the most widely diverse men in terms of talents, jumping from math and science to art and writing, botany to music. He was also an enormous influence on our No. 2 prodigy, Albert Einstein.There are very, VERY few people in the world who can reach success in one area of expertise (yes, sorry BeyoncĂ©, Peyton Manning and Shaq, you've had your days in the sun!), but our man da Vinci achieved success of epic proportions in myriad arenas, blowing all of his list-mates completely out of the water (yes, even The Prodigy!). Of course, the final deciding factor as to whether or not da Vinci was list-worthy was having a confusing movie starring Tom Hanks constantly reference him and his works—that's when you know you've made it.

Somewhere, Mona Lisa is half-smiling.