Tuesday, July 3, 2012


In order to protect babies from diseases, Malaysians bathe them in beer.

Protecting babies by bathing them in beer may sound like a myth or a cultural thing, but Malaysians have been doing it for a very solid reason. According to scientific research, beer can indeed protect babies from various diseases and can even help them achieve better skin.

According to doctors, it is believed that bathing a new born baby with Guinness Stout is a natural way for babies to gain better skin complexion and healthy skin. The practice said to not only give babies better complexion but regular bathing in beer can prevent harmful germs from entering the skin that causes acne.

Malaysians conduct this practice by gently placing their babies in a small tub with a little amount of Guinness Stout. The amount of Stout used to bathe the baby is small and is divided into seven small parts. A small portion of beer is added into equal portion of water and the baby is then washed with it. Some people even dip towels in the mixture and then wipe the new born with it. Beer is also said to help a new born a lot if he or she suffers from Jaundice.

Now that's a BEER BATH.