Friday, July 13, 2012

These are some facts about Earth, the planet which we live on

* Earth was formed approximately 4.6 billion years ago.

* Earth is composed mostly of Iron. 32% of entire earth is Iron!

* Animals use earth’s magnetic field to navigation and other purposes!

* Cows usually rest in north-south position in normal cases but not when they are under a high voltage power line.

* According to Norse mythology Earth is personified as Jord a.k.a. Jorth a.k.a. Jörð who is the mother of THOR.

* Earth has to travel around 150 million kilometres every year through its orbit around sun.

* Earth travels through the orbit with a speed of 107,000 km/h.

* The distance between Earth and the centre of our Galaxy(Milky Way) is around 28,000 light years.

* Earth’s average temperature is 15 Degree C. Without green house effect it will go to around -18 Degree C.

* The lowest temperature ever recorded on earth is at Russia’s Vostok Station. Temperature was -89.2 Degree C!!