Wednesday, August 29, 2012

UFO on Mars? Curiosity images create a flutter..!!

UFO on Mars? Curiosity images create a flutter..!!

NASA's Mars Curiosity rover has captured images that have raised claims of UFO sightings on Mars. The images include one showing a white light moving across the horizon and another showing four blob-like objects hovering in the sky.

Viewers have expressed different opinions about what the blobs might be. According to the Daily Mail, NASA has so far not commented on the blobs but of course, alien hunters claim that they are alien ships monitoring human activity on Mars.
According to YouTube user StephenHannardADGUK, who posted the images to YouTube, members of group called Alien Disclosure UK (ADUK), first spotted the four specks of light on images NASA made available to the public. The brought the images out in relief by applying a series of filters.
StephenHannardADGUK, commenting on the lights, said: "Four objects caught by Mars Curiosity, very difficult to make out on original image so I have used a few filters to highlight. What are these four objects? UFO

The Huffington Post reports that video analyst Marc Dantonia, said the lights are only "dead pixels" in the image. He said that "dead pixels" are a regular occurrence in the world of graphics. He explained that they appear commonly in many computers and mobiles phones as well as in digital cameras. He explained: "After watching the video, it is actually quite clear that these are one-pixel sized image anomalies. I fully concur at this point that these are dead pixels on the imager. All CCD [cameras] have them, and in a bland atmosphere like that at Mars, they would be very obvious as opposed to an active atmosphere like Earth, where they could end up hidden for a long time before anyone noticed them."
In another set of images (see below), a white light appears to be moving across the Martian horizon. Although, the images caused excitement among UFO enthusiasts, NASA experts say they are only blemishes.

Nasa's Curiosity rover has captured a strange white light dancing across the horizon of Mars and four blobs hovering in the sky, which UFO hunters claim are alien ships monitoring humans' baby steps into the universe.

While the images are certainly a curiosity, Nasa and photography experts insist they are nothing more than blemishes on the images , picked up by the camera lens sitting on the rover. UFO on Mars? Curiosity images create a flutterNow that Curiosity passed its driving test on Mars, the six-wheel Nasa rover set its sights on longer treks.The first test drive around the pebbly Martian crater where it landed was just that — a test drive. The rover edged forward about 15 feet, rotated to a right angle and reversed a short distance, leaving tracks in the rust-tinged soil.Mission managers were elated that Wednesday's maiden trek of the $2.5 billion mission was glitchfree . In several days, Curiosity was poised to drive farther to study whether the red planet's environment could have supported life.