Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wat does it look lik..???!

At high altitudes, there are narrow rivers of air tat roar steadily at 370km/h (230mph) or more.

These are called Jetstreams... 
Gemini 12 photograph of the jetstream,high over the Sahara Desert in Egypt. 
The desert is in the foreground, and is cutacross by the River Nile. The river appears as a wide, dark band of cultivated land. Further into the distance is the Red Sea, with the SinaiPeninsula seen as a triangular feature near upper left. In the far distance is part of Saudi Arabia. 
The jetstream is a high-altitude, fast-moving air current a few thousand kilometers inlength. It is formed of cirrus clouds along the line of the tropical easterly jetstream.
This photograph was taken on 14 November 1966.