Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A decapitated Head stays alive for up to 30 Seconds:

People have long debated the question of whether a human head remains alive after it is decapitated from the body, and research tends to point toward the fact that it does. Throughout history there have been many reports of movements after decapitation, or even words attempting to be spoken. 

Anne Boleyn is said to have continued to pray after a sword took her head off. French philosopher and scientist Antoine Lavoisier was to be beheaded during the French Revolution, yet was curious as to whether a person is still conscious after their head is severed. 

He asked his friends to look at his eyes and observe how long he could blink. He is reported to have exceeded 15 seconds before his eyes finally became still. So if there are all of these reports, why is this new information? The question has always been debated whether eyes continue to move simply out of reflex or whether a person is actually still conscious. 

Scientists have recently discovered that since a healthy brain will function until it dies from a lack of oxygen, a brain could technically function until blood ceases to stop flowing completely, which would be several seconds after the brain is disconnected from the heart!