Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Even for a million dollars, 75% of people would not give away their wives for a single night.

People would do just about anything for a million dollars. Enter the lottery, sign up for a cheesy game show, sell their dignity, their personal belongings, but it seems the one thing they won’t give up (even if it is fair trade) are their spouses or significant others. About 75% of people wouldn’t give up their spouse for a night for a $1,000,000

Keeping in mind the concept of Swinging and how it has taken the world by storm it should come as no shock that there are as a matter of fact people who are more open to the idea of wife swapping or letting their partners indulge in sexual activities with other people for a small fee. One that involves six zeros would apparently be a no brainer. This probably makes up the remaining 25% consisting of liberals, bohemians and people who would gladly exchange their spouse for a refrigerator magnet.

Of course, those who still value their spouses more than they do other things in life or hail from more conventional backgrounds and religions may expel a loud gasp at the notion of giving up their loved ones for any amount of money at all. However, as non- monogamous behavior between partners in a committed relationship continues to grow where sexual activities with different partners are considered almost recreational or enjoyable to watch, the prospect of giving up your lover’s nubile body for a million dollars holds no shock value whatsoever. When it comes to moving away from the mere hypothetical idea of doing so and indulge in it realistically- a major 75% would violently shake their heads and refuse.